LISTEN: new album aims to cure insomnia on World Sleep Day

A leading DJ has come to the aid of insomniacs everywhere with a new album intended to stop our toes tapping and soundtrack our journey to the land of nod.

Tom Middleton, a musician who has worked with the likes of the Aphex Twin and Mark Pritchard, launched the collection of ambient sounds to help tackle “astonishing” levels of sleep deprivation, which has been estimated to cost the UK economy up to £36 billion a year, not to mention the impacts on health.

“We have electrified the night, we have a social media addiction. It’s all adding to stimulation late into the evening and preventing us switching off," said the classically trained pianist and cellist, who has also produced works entitled 'Relax Better' and 'Recharge Better'.

'Sleep Better' is launched on World Sleep Day, an annual event intended to improve our lives by raising awareness of ways to prevent and manage sleep disorders.

The music is reminiscent off his old collaborator Richard James aka Aphex Twin - though the soothing sounds are probably closer to 'Xtal' than his more energetic 'Windowlicker' phase.

This contrasts somewhat with his usual output, although the DJ, from Taunton, does reference Brian Eno when describing his work, saying: “It’s a soundtrack to help you relax and get you thinking about your bedtime ritual.”

And experts agree. Michelle O’Reilly, a cognitive neuroscientist, says of the album: “This music is an excellent aid which could be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with other sleep hygiene methods to help people get a good night’s sleep”.

You can hear the album online now - or at least, at bedtime tonight -at