Listen to more stories from entrepreneurs as the Pioneering People podcast returns for series two

There's a new line-up of entrepreneurs on series two of Laudable's Pioneering People podcast

Pioneering People, the podcast that explores what both makes and motivates entrepreneurs, is back for series two this month.

Hosted and produced by Laudable podcast producer Morven McIntyre, the podcast will feature a different entrepreneur each week, from a wide range of sectors.


Guests will share their unique journeys to success, and recount stories of how their ideas turned into products that are now set to shape the future.

Guests will include Pawprint founder Christian Arno, SNAG Tights founder Brie Reid, Tumelo founder Georgia Stewart and many more.

Host Morven McIntyre said: "I felt it was important to revisit the topic of entrepreneurship after the year we've had with the pandemic. So many businesses have struggled this year.

"Many of the guests share how technology is at the heart of their business model and has been invaluable for them running their business remotely."

Topics covered include the role that technology will play in climate change and how innovation can change the nature of student internships for the better.

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