Nando’s popular chicken dishes cost 8% more after Covid challenges - see full menu changes

Nando’s has increased the prices of some of its most popular chicken dishes by up to 8%.

More than 10 menu items are now more expensive, with 55p added to the cost of a whole chicken and 70p to the price of a half chicken and two sides.

The chicken chain said its price rises come follow the “most challenging year” in its history due to the Covid pandemic.

Why has Nando’s increased its prices?

Many of its restaurants were forced to close for months at a time due to lockdown measures, which caused huge losses for the chain.

In 2020 Nando’s was hit with a £99n million loss because of ongoing restrictions.

A spokesman told The Sun the price increases are due to “the continued rise in the cost of ingredients and the difficult trading environment caused by Covid”.

What dishes are now more expensive?

The following Nando’s dishes are now more expensive in price:

Spicy mixed olives

Aug 2021: £3.70; Jan 2022: £3.75

Halloumi sticks and dip

Aug 2021: £3.95; Jan 2022: £4.25

Houmous with peri peri drizzle

Aug 2021: £3.95; Jan 2022: £4.25

Sweet potato wedges with Garlic Perinaise

Aug 2021: £3.95; Jan 2022: £4.25

Chicken butterfly

Aug 2021: £8.25, two reg sides, £12.25; Jan 2022: £8.25, two reg sides, £12.75

4 boneless chicken thighs

Aug 2021: £7.95, two reg sides, £11.95; Jan 2022: £8.25, two reg sides, £12.75

1/4 chicken

Aug 2021: £4.25, two reg sides, £8.25; Jan 2022: £4.25, two reg sides, £8.75

1/2 chicken

Aug 2021: £7.75, two reg sides, £11.75; Jan 2022: £7.95, two reg sides, £12.45

Whole chicken

Aug 2021: £13.95; Jan 2022: £14.50

10 chicken wings

Aug 2021: £10.95, two reg sides, £14.95; Jan 2022: £10.95, two reg sides, £15.45

Sunset burger

Aug 2021: £8.25, one reg side, £10.50, two reg sides, £12.25; Jan 2022: £8.25, one reg side, £10.55, two reg sides £12.75

How can I save money at Nando’s?

Nando’s offers a loyalty scheme that rewards customers with freebies for collecting stamps.

Customers can also save 50p by making their own Perinaise sauce by mixing mayonnaise and some of the spicy sauces available at the condiments desk.

If there are two of you dining, you can save money by splitting the bill of a large portion of chips instead of buying two regular portions.

NHS workers, emergency services or armed forces staff are also eligible to get get 20% off (or up to £4 off) food and drink at Nando’s.

To get the discount, a valid photo ID card must be shown before placing an order - this cannot be used on online or for delivery orders.

MoneySavingExpert recommends buying a sharing platter instead of ordering individual meals, which could save up to £10.45.

For example, instead of ordering two whole chickens and five large sides, which would come to around £55.45, if everyone purchased their respective dish as an individual plate, order the “Family Platter”.If you order this dish and share it out, you will get the same amount of food for £44.95 - saving £10.45.