New online supermarket Motatos launches in UK - how prices compare to its rivals

A new budget supermarket has today launched in the UK, claiming to be up to 60% cheaper than other stores.

Swedish retailer, Motatos, is available only online but is being dubbed as a rival to discount chains Aldi and Lidl

The supermarket is known as Matsmart across Europe and has stores in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany after being established in 2013. 

What can Motatos offer? 

The discounter offers branded food such as Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg's, Walkers and more. 

It promises "well-known products that would otherwise risk ending up in landfill" and says it keeps prices down by selling surplus food from wholesalers.

Motatos 'saves' foodstuffs that would otherwise be thrown away due to short best-before dates, design packaging and more, and sells the imperfect products for less. 

The online store has already saved 40,000 tonnes of food and consumer products from going to waste in the Nordics and Germany.

Motatos compared to other supermarkets

Motatos sells branded items for less.

For example, a 160g White Marvellous Creations jelly popping candy bar costs 68p a bar in the online store, but you have to buy it in a quantity of four. 

This means you spend £2.40 on the bundle. 

However, in Asda, one bar costs £1.79, and for the same amount, you would spend £4.76, meaning you will save 60% on the items. 

Motatos also claims its own Heinz tomato ketchup is 45% less than the competition, while its Kellogg's Cornflakes are 25% cheaper than rivals.

It also sells more than just snacks and has large discounts on household goods, pet food, and beauty products. 

What was said?

Motatos UK country manager, Christabel Biella said: “The cost of living crisis is affecting all sectors and UK shoppers are looking for ways to cut down their monthly spend without compromising on all the brands that they love.

"With prices surging, Motatos is hoping to make a real difference to consumers by offering savvy savings, allowing them to be sustainability-minded and reduce waste. It’s a win win!”

"The Motatos’ strategy is to keep our costs at a competitive level.

"We offer top quality brands for up to 60% less than leading supermarkets, so this is where we differ from Aldi and Lidl."

How are the items delivered? 

Deliveries are made via third-party logistics companies, typically taking between one and three working days, with the cost of shipping depending on the size of orders.

Nationwide delivery can cost £2.99, but it can be shipped for free if you spend over £40. 

Motatos was said to have already established partnerships with several distributors including Wholegood and Pricecheck ahead of its UK launch.

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