Queen’s corgis watch on as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Windsor Castle for her Committal service

Queen’s corgis watch on as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Windsor Castle for her Committal service

Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis were walked inside Windsor Castle this afternoon ahead of the Committal service which will see Her late Majesty laid to rest.

Images of the pair, Muick and Sandy, were taken as they took in some fresh air before the arrival of Her late Majesty’s coffin in Windsor.

The corgis were then seen looking on as the Queen’s coffin was driven through the grounds of Windsor Castle to St George’s Chapel.

Many headed to social media in reaction, including Reverend Richard Coles who admitted he was “utterly destroyed now.”

Members of the public also expressed their feelings on Twitter, with plenty revealing that of everything today, it was seeing the corgis that brought about the most emotion.

One said: “A lot of things broke me today but the corgis, I just can’t.”

Another wrote: “Out of everything I’ve seen today this is what has truly just set me off.”

“I may never recover from this,” added a third.

Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis watched on as Her Majesty’s coffin arrived at Windsor Castle for the Committal service on Monday 19 September.

The Queen’s love of corgis was no secret, as over the years the breed of dog became synonymous with the sovereign.

Now, 11 days after Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral on Thursday, 8 September, her two corgis remain.

When and how did the Queen’s love for corgis start?

The Queen’s adoration for corgis began in 1933 when then-Princess Elizabeth, aged seven, fell in love with her father’s corgi, named Dookie.

After that, they welcomed a second corgi, Lady Jane, and from there a family tradition of breeding the dogs began.

Ever since, Elizabeth - both as Princess and Queen - had corgis throughout her entire life, right up until her death.

What will happen to the Queen’s corgis?

What will happen to the Queen's corgis? (photo: Getty Images)

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, will now look after the two corgis, it was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Duke of York.

How many corgis did the Queen have during her 70-year reign?

In total, the Queen owned more than 30 corgis throughout her 70-year reign. Many of them were part of the same bloodline.

Her Majesty was devastated in April 2018 when the final corgi of this direct family, Willow, died. At that point, she said she wasn’t going to have any more corgis as she was worried about leaving some behind.

But in 2021, the Queen was given two new puppies - a corgi and a dorgi - as a gift from the Duke of York. They kept her entertained in lockdown while her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, was hospitalised.