Royal Family portrait of King Charles III, Camilla Queen Consort, and Prince & Princess of Wales released

Buckingham Place has released a new portrait featuring King Charles III alongside several of his smiling family members.

A new portrait of King Chrales III flanked by several family members has been released by Buckingham Palace.

The picture features the King with Camilla, Queen Consort to his right and on his left-hand side, the Prince and Princess of Wales.

All four royals are wearing black, as the photograph was taken on September 18, during the official period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the day before her state funeral took place.

Behind the group is a painting of another former Prince of Wales, George IV, who was given the title within days of his birth in 1762.

King Charles III cypher

The new portrait follows the release of the King's cypher last week, which is the Sovereign’s monogram, consisting of the initials of the monarch’s name, Charles, and title, Rex, Latin for King, alongside a representation of the Crown.

King Charles III’s cypher is used by government departments and by the Royal Household for franking mail.

A Scottish version of the cypher features the Scottish Crown.

The symbol will appear on government buildings, state documents and on some post boxes and is used by government departments and by the Royal Household for franking mail.

New King Charles III coins

On Friday, the Royal Mint unveiled the first coins depicting an image of the King , due to enter circulation within just a few weeks.

The coins, the 50p and a commemorative £5 Crown feature an image of the King by British sculptor Martin Jennings.

Following with tradition, the monarch is now facing left - the opposite way to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and wears no crown, unlike the Queen.

From early next week, the coins will be sold to collectors before the 50p coin becomes available for general use. You could even expect to see them popping up in your change before the end of the year.