The TV shows that should be put out of their misery

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With both Top Gear and The Walking Dead set to lose key talent in the next year or two, and a rapidly fading enthusiasm for those shows, it brings to mind other screen offerings that have limped on far too long.

We asked members of our Screen Babble group on Facebook to name the programmes they feel should come to a close.

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From once-great classics in decline to ever-grating annoyances, here are the TV shows that need putting out of their misery.

Dwindling dramas

Perhaps it's no surprise given widespread fan grumblings, and the announced departure of star Andrew Lincoln, that a certain long-running zombie saga is top of many people's chopping list.

"Absolutely The Walking Dead," says Mark Dunford. "It's now just plain boring. Such a shame. When Negan was first introduced, I thought 'here we go, it's just gone up a level'. But the last two or three seasons have been dull, dull, dull."

Mark Turpin says he "lost the will to watch it a couple of seasons back," while Gareth Maddieson feels the show is in a rut, and "either needs to do something radical (Andrew Lincoln leaving could be the thing), or call it quits".

Has The Walking Dead run its course? (Photo: AMC)

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Steve Wilkins, meanwhile, is finding once-lauded superhero show Arrow "incredibly tedious these days".

"While its sister shows, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, remain fun and enjoyable, Arrow has become pompous and dull."

Shocking soaps and reality 'dross'

Elsewhere, there is a rather vocal call for two entire genres of television to be put out to pasture.

"All of the soaps," suggests Ben Haworth-Booth: "All of them!"

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"Most of the soaps to be honest," agrees Keely Davison: "How many murders, kidnaps, fires, explosions, car crashes etc can these neighbourhoods possibly have? How they have stretched them out for so many years I do not know!"

Mandi Dunford feels much the same. "In the past I have watched Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale, but not been interested in any for at least 10 years. How much misery can such small communities suffer?"

Reality TV "dross" is also something many could seemingly do without. Karen Dunn would happily see the back of all of it, though one show in particular gets the biggest request for execution.

"The X Factor..... please, make it stop," pleads Rhea Wolfe. "It should be used as a punishment: 'Timmy, stop that or I'll make you watch Simon Cowell again'."

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"Definitely the X Factor," adds Dave Watkins. "Absolutely no redeeming features these days, yet millions still watch, even if numbers have dipped. Unless they properly sorted it out, which would include having a live backing band for all shows, to see who really could sing and not just in front of tapes."

Knowing when to call it quits

For some, shows they used to like have simply gone on too long. Or attempted to evolve in ways that really don't work.

Gareth Maddieson points to The Simpsons as a prime example. "As much as I can dip into and enjoy more recent episodes, it's not on a par with the 'golden age' of seasons three to eleven. Perhaps it's time for them to retire."

Mark Turpin believes Not Going Out has devolved into a "bog standard Friday night BBC sitcom" now that its will-they-wont-they shenanigans have leapt forward into suburban family life.

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The good old days? Not Going Out has undergone a bit of a change (Photo: BBC)

Mandi Dunford suggests Scandal "really needed to end two seasons before it did", while Mark Dunford worries that The Affair may be going on too long with the forthcoming fourth season ("thought they left it nicely at the end of the last season").

Paul Eyles sums up the thoughts of many when he argues a certain TV phenomenon is right to bow out before it loses its lustre.

"I'm glad Game of Thrones is finishing. They could easily have dragged it out for a few more years and made some more money, but finishing it next year is a great time to go out before it goes stale."

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Other shows mentioned by Screen Babble members:

JoshMrs Brown's BoysBig BrotherHolby CityCasualtyOur GirlGrey's AnatomyThe One Show

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