Will The Stranger come back? Here's everything you need to know

Richard Armitage and Hannah John Karem star in The Stranger (Netflix)Richard Armitage and Hannah John Karem star in The Stranger (Netflix)
Richard Armitage and Hannah John Karem star in The Stranger (Netflix)

The Stranger is the latest Netflix original to take the internet by storm, gripping viewers with the unsettling tale of the Price family.

Adapted from Harlan Coben's novel of the same name, the eight-part thriller set in Manchester sees a mysterious stranger reveal a dark family secret, the destructive nature of which threatens to tear the Prices apart.

As well as garnering a large following, the drama has earned critical acclaim with reviewers labelling the drama "bingeable" and compelling, with one hooked critic describing the suspense dram as "anxiety-inducing".

Series one of the Stranger reached a thrilling conlusion in episode eight, but fans are already demanding another series of the drama - here's what you need to know about the show's finale, as well as any potential second series.

What happened in series 1?

Adam Price (Richard Armitage)is approached by a mysterious stranger who reveals that his wife, Corinne, faked a pregnancy and a subsequent miscarriage years ago, an event which saw Adam stay with his now wife. The stranger also plants the idea in the married man's head that his two sons with Corinne may not be his.

Corinne then goes missing, and Adam embarks on a mission to get to the bottom of the explosive secret.

The Stranger, seemingly capable of destroying life's with a single secret, targets everyone she come sinto contact with, blackmailing and threatening them with secrets she has inexplicably obtained.

Shady policeman Patrick Katz is one such person to get swept up into the Stranger's secret spreading, when he is hired to carry out some illegal private investigation work on behalf of a man named Powers who is being blackmailed by the mysterious, nameless woman. This brings him into contact with Heidi (Jennifer Saunders), the mother of a girl who is in a relationship with Powers.

When Heidi quizzes Katz, the policeman panics and shoots Heidi, for fear that his investigations will come to light.

Hannah John-Kamen plays the role of the secret-revealing ' Stranger' (Netflix)

Adam eventually tracks down the stranger and it turns out she is motivated by her own parents' infidelity - she's determined to punish people for their own dark and damaging secrets.

The final big plot twist comes in episode eight when the stranger reveals that she is in fact Adam's half-sister, and that she told Adam about Corinne because of their kinship.

It also becomes apparent that Corinne fled from Adam because she had become entangled in a plot to embezzle money from the local football club. Corinne is aware of the man responsible, Doug Tripp, who for fear of being exposed murders Adam's wife.

Enraged by his findings, Adam murders Tripp, only to cover it up with the help of detective Johanna Griffin.

The show ends with the surviving characters trying to live their lives as normal despite the horrific events of the series. The final shot is shows the stranger watching over the characters and perhaps hinting at a further season.

Will there be a Season 2?

Show creators Netflix have also yet to confirm whether there will be a second season of the thrilling story.

But judging by the buzz surrounding the show, Netflix will likely be considering a second season and the plot has certainly left room for a second season with the same characters.

But Harlan Coben revealed to Radio Times that he wasn't intending on pursuing a second season, stating: “it’s not our plan. Our plan is to give you one great, great season.”

The ambiguous finale, however, suggests that the stranger could be in line to return and reveal the dark secrets created in series two - such as the truth about the murders of Doug Tripp and Heidi - and set off another season of chaos.

When could we expect a second season?

If a second season were to be commissioned it would be reasonable to assume that it would arrive a year after the first series.

This would mean waiting until January 2021 for a second season.

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