You could win a 5 bedroom house and a BMW with a £2 raffle ticket

The spacious family house and - a BMW - could be yours for just £2 (Photo: Shutterstock)The spacious family house and - a BMW - could be yours for just £2 (Photo: Shutterstock)
The spacious family house and - a BMW - could be yours for just £2 (Photo: Shutterstock)

A Manchester couple are auctioning off their five bedroom home and BMW in a raffle - with tickets costing just £2 each.

Natalie and Bradley Rowcroft are putting their property and car up as a raffle prize, due to difficulties selling during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The couple have long harboured dreams of packing up and moving to Australia, and put their house up for sale several months ago to finance the trip. The coronavirus pandemic put the sale on pause, however, so the pair hatched their raffle plan.

Once 200,000 people have bought a ticket, the winner will be announced.

How much is the house worth?

The home, in a desirable area of Salford, is worth an estimated £300,000 and comes with five bedrooms, four of which are doubles. The couple are also throwing in their BMW car for the lucky winner.

As well as five bedrooms, the spacious house also has a kitchen-diner, large back garden with a patio, and two bathrooms - perfect for a family.

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The lucky winner will be chosen once 200,000 raffle tickets have been sold.

'We hope to find the winner by September'

Mr and Mrs Rowcroft say they have made significant improvements to the house since they bought it for £100,000 10 years ago.

The couple will be departing the UK with their three sons, and will leave some of the current furniture behind.

Mrs Rowcroft said, "[The house] is in a sought-out area of Salford, near Media City and Salford Royal Hospital. It is so hard to get onto the property market - somebody can for just £2.

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"We need to sell 200,000 tickets for £2 a ticket. The raffle company takes a percentage of the cash. We will pay all of the legal fees both sides.

"We hope to find the winner by September, but will announce it as soon as possible. We are honest hardworking people who want to live our dream.

"It is always something my husband has wanted to do, since he was in his mid 20s. But things have got in the way with work or we have had more children. It got to the time in life, we lost some family members, and we thought life is too short, why don't we go for it.

"It is giving us our dream life and somebody else their dream life - two success stories."

How do I buy a raffle ticket?

You can take your chances in the raffle by buying a ticket here.