A successful year

Palms Tai chi Club have had another excellent year.

Leader Glennis Rogerson gained her Third Dan.

Further members also achieved successes by earning new sashes and stripes.

Highest awards earned are: Keith Meakin (Black and First Dan sash, Black Bo-staff and Blue Sword awards), Vivienne Sloan (Black and First Dan sash and Black Sword award), Pat Warner (Black and First Dan sash and Black Sword award), Peter Brown (Blue Sash and Blue Sword, also the Highest Attendance award), Gill McMahon (Blue sash and Black Bo-staff and Blue Sword awards), Denise Floodgate (Green sash plus stripes for Ruler and Black Sword), Beryl Foster (Yellow sash).

Denise Floodgate and Keith Meakin were also chosen by the members to receive Student of the Year awards.

The Palms Tai chi Club now closes until February 13 but after re-opening will run until December 11.

The Skegness branch meets on a Monday at County Hotel from 10am-11.30am whiel the Mablethorpe branch, which is also used by Skegness members, meets on a Friday at the Station Sports Centre from 10.30am-noon.

Palms is affiliated to the International Budo Association and Al Friedle.

Both branches have spaces for new members who can join at any time.

Sessions cost £4 per week.

For details contact Glennis at [email protected]