Aucote picks off 135 in darts win

Darren Aucote picked off a 135 en route to a 4-2 win over Phil Odlin in the Friday Night Darts League's BSC Premiership.

Ady Parker took a 4-1 win over Andrew Joyce, Jamie Robson hit a 180 in his 4-1 win over Dave Holland and Chris Royal was very steady in his 4-0 win over Ady Parker.

Darren Aucote and Jamie Robson battled out a seven-legger which Darren edged 4-3.

In Division Two, Andrew Bird took a great 3-0 win over Callum Day while a 76 finish helped Jimmy Birtwistle to a 3-1 win over Ben Leadbeater.

Brian Wilkinson beat Jason Lamyman 3-0 and Jason was back and picked off 68 to beat Andrew Bird 3-1.

Matt Grant kept his winning run going with a 3-2 win over Ali Baker and Ben Leadbeater beat Sammi Barsley in a close match 3-2.

Jimmy Birtwistle just edged out Jake Lamyman 3-2, Carl Baily beat Sammi Barsley 3-1 and Matt Grant kept his run going with a 3-1 win over Ben Leadbeater.

Jason Lamyman took on Andrew Bird, the latter taking it 3-0, before returning to take on Brian Wilkinson, winning 3-0.

Wally Almond got a 3-1 win over Sammi Barsley and also beat Jake Lamyman 3-1.

Callum Day had to pick off a 103 finish to edge out a battling Sammi Barsley 3-1.

In Division Three, Jodie Royal had chances against Bradley Butler but Bradley held to win 2-1.

Emma Grant kept her run going with a good 3-0 win over Louise Turner in a very close match, while Dennis Turner beat Adam Grant 3-0.

Liz Chapman beat Muriel Almond 3-0 and Jodie Royal took a good 3-0 win over Kayleigh Leedle.

The previous week, Emma Grant moved to the top after beating previous leader Louise Turner 3-0.

Bradley Butler moved up to second after a narrow win over Jodie Royal and a 3-0 win for Liz Chapman over Muriel Almond was enough to move her into third spot.

Jodie Royal beat Kayleigh Leedle 3-0 and Dennis Turner moved up to fourth with a good win over Adam Grant.