Best of Britton! Young Jimmy shows off his ring skills

BostonABC youngster Jimmy Britton travelled to Sheffield to face A. Khan, from the Ingle Boxing Academy.
Jimmy Britton.Jimmy Britton.
Jimmy Britton.

Khan had a slight advantage over Britton in this skills bout, his reach being the major factor in his ability.

But the young Boston boxer had no problem with dealing with Khan’s skills.

Britton is always keen to listen and learn as he bids to improve his boxing and he displayed good offensive skills.

As the contest progressed, Britton was on par with his opponent, earning great respect and acknowledgement from the home crowd.

The crowd at the Strood & Frindsbury WMC in Kent witnessed another fine display of character and determination as Aaron Johnson had to dig deep against Perry Ripley, of Strood ABC.

In the early stage of the first round, Johnson was beating Ripley to the punch, his quick hand speed and movement stunned Ripley who, from that moment on, resorted to fouling tactics, which resulted in the referee having to warn the home boxer.

As the second round got underway, Johnson raised his game, causing Ripley to grab the Boston boxer at every opportunity.

Despite the fouling tactics of Ripley, Johnson displayed fine resolve and earned ther unanimous decision.

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