Bowler Tracy books place in April's National Finals

Horncastle Bowls Club member Tracy Nunn has booked his place at the National Finals.


In the Men’s EBF Singles final at Boston, Tracy overcame Lincoln’s Kevin Rands 21-18 to win the title.

Tracy raced into a 16-8 lead before being pegged back.

In a close few ends at the finish, and with his first bowl resting on the jack, it remained there for the duration of the end to see Tracy pick up the one shot he needed for victory.

He will now represent the county at the National Finals in April.

In the Mens EBF Senior Singles final, also at Boston, Norman Burton was just edged out in a very close game, 21-15 against Spalding’s Maurice Edling.

In a close match, it was 15-15 before Elding pulled away for victory.

Mary Johnson, Judy Moody and Olive Wells fell at the final hurdle in their attempt to reach the National Triples finals.

Playing at Lincoln they lost 28-11 to a strong South Forest triple in the Inter Area final.

In the LIBS Mixed League, Horncastle’s 18 points taken from victory against Lincoln B leave them on top of the table, needing just seven points from their remaining two games to be crowned champions.

Latest results:

Men’s LIBA League: Horncastle 123 (14) Long Sutton 87 (4): G. Lancaster won 26-21; T. Nunn lost 18-24; K. Taplin lost 18-23, P. Bark won 23-11; K. Jackman won 38-8.

LIBA Mixed League: Horncastle 127 (18) Lincoln B 75 (0): K. Taplin won 19-17; O. Wells won 29-14; P. Smith won 30-15; J. Scholey won 21-14; D. Wells won 28-15.

Horncastle Men’s Singles: N. Burton 21 T. Nunn 17; P. Bark 21 J. Scholey 4; M. Cowman 17 M. Jensen 21.

Men’s Singles Plate: K. Taplin 17 D. Benson 21; M. Jensen 5 P. Bark 21; R. Wells 21 A.J. Day 8.

Novice Pairs: S. Stephens & D. Walsh 21 T. Beech & A. Lyon 5; N. & M. Dallas 23 J. & M. Thomas 5; T. & S. Kilpin 15 L. & S. Boucher 11.

Mixed Pairs: P. Fixter & M. Jenson w/o v C. Arend & P. Ulyatt; J. & K. Taplin 13 P. Bark & J. Moody 22; S. Ellis & O. Wells 25 S. Dolman & N. Burton 23; M. Johnson & K. Jackman 25 A Sivill & G. Lancaster 9.

101 Singles: D. Benson 95 G Lancaster 101; T. Scholey 74 J. Scholey 101; N. Rodgers 101 D. Benson 73; K. Argent 84 D. Benson 101 (qualifiers from section A are Sam Ellis and Neil Rodgers).

Men’s Triples: J. Meredith, M. Cowman, G. Elston 13 L. Boucher, S. Stephens, S. Boucher 29; A.J. Day, D. Benson, R. Brown 19 P. Smith, C. Elliott, D. Ladlow 18; P. Boulton, K. Jackman, P. Bark 18 M. Burn, K. Taplin, T. Nunn 14; R. Whitaker, D. Turner, J. Scholey 11 N. Burton, P. Ulyatt, G. Lancaster 14.