Bowlers involved in some close matches

Sleaford Town Bowls Club
The latest sports news for the Hemel areaThe latest sports news for the Hemel area
The latest sports news for the Hemel area

With eight matches played it has been a busy week for the Sleaford Town bowlers.

The highlight was winning the Sleaford League Knockout Cup final against Sleaford Bristol, 88-55.

Results: Bas Gilbert, Jackie Wareham, Gwen Campbell 31-8, Ken Dye, Peter Annison, Larry Davies 19-11, Gerald Woodhead, Gillian Annison, Brian Srawley 21-18, Clive Steadman, Peter Stokes, Ken Irwin 17-18.

In the ASC Metals Handicap at home to Lee Road, Sleaford overcame the seven-shot handicap to win 65-35.

Results: Robin Wilson, Mick Faulkner, Roy Markham 33-6, Linda Morris, Calum Campbell, Gwen Campbell 19-16, Peter Annison, Andrew Morris, Kris Moore 13-13.

Town travelled to Friskney in the Lincolnshire Challenge Bowl, losing 67-116.

Results: Andrew Bird, Ruth Bird, Phil Musson 20-20, Robin Wilson, Julie Cope, Trevor Cope 12-39, Linda Morris, David Campbell, Kris Moore 16-30, Andrew Morris, Brian Srawley, Neil Mapletoft 19-27.

Away at St Giles in the District League the team lost 42-79.

Results: Peter Annison, Ken Irwin, Roy Markham 14-25, Cecilia Faulkner, Gwen Campbell 12-28, Clive Steadman, Mick Faulkner, Larry Davies 16-26.

Away at Sleaford Bristol in the Woodhall Afternoon League, all three rinks won.

Results: Bas Gilbert, Mick Jarrald, Brian Srawley 22-9, Robin Wilson, Ken Irwin, Phil Musson 21-10, Ken Dye, John Denney, Roy Markham 19-13.

Away at Rustons in the EBA, two winning rinks assured a 49-43 win.

Results: Martin Titley, Phil Musson, Kris Moore, Nail Mapletoft 20-7, John Parker, Ken Dye, David Campbell, Trevor Cope 18-11, Robin Wilson, Roger Neaverson, Larry Davies, Andrew Bird 11-23.

Ruskington Bowls Club.

Ruskington Bowls Club played their annual competition against Wyndham Park on their green in Grantham.

Wyndham took back the trophy Ruskington had held since last year with a three-shot margin.

The club’s first League match was at home against Moorlands Railway in the City (Evening) League, where the team picked up five points following a tie on shots.

Results: Waylon Clarke, Jock Mitchell, John Sanderson 23-16, Tony Codd, Les Wilkinson, Keith Pilbeam 16-18, Jim Barclay, Trevor Thackray, Les Warren 15-18, Wendy Pateman, Isabel Drain, Gary Hilton 17-19.

Against Cranwell in the Woodhall Spa League, Ruskington had to settle for two points.

Results: Jock Mitchell, Jim Barclay, David Miller 16-18, Wendy Pateman, Isabel Drain, John Sanderson 11-17, Les Jenkins, Carol Croft, Graham Croft 22-10.

At Lee road in the Cliff League the team secured 12 points.

Results: Tony Codd, Jock Mitchell, Keith Pilbeam 23-9, Wendy Pateman, Trevor Harding, Zack Thompson 23-6, David Miller, Les Wilkinson, John Hurst 23-11, Jim Matson, Trevor Thackray, Paul Butterworth 11-16.

Monks Road WMC visited for a City (Afternoon) League fixture and the home team claimed two points.

Results: David Miller, Les Wilkinson, Angela Goddard 7-15, Tony Codd, Isabel Drain, Graham Croft 14-17, Les Jenkins, Carol Croft, Jackie Ray 19-17.

Away at Heckington in the Coningsby League, Ruskington missed out on the aggregate by a single shot and had to settle for two league points.

Results: Les Jenkins, Les Wilkinson, Keith Pilbeam 13-17, Tony Codd, Lorraine Clifton, Jackie Ray 14-18, Jim Matson, Trevor Thackray, George Glover 21-14.

The annual Open Four-Wood Pairs competition was held on Saturday.

Twenty teams from all over the county and beyond played all day to find the finalists, who played another game to find the winners, runners-up and third-place results.

After some very close ends, the victors were Tom Bell and Ian Stafford from Sleaford and the runners-up were Andrew and Matthew Dawson from Boston.

Third place went to Bob Syver and Tim Rogers.

It was a most enjoyable day, involving some superb bowling and results that reflected that.