Bowls league begins

Sleaford Town Bowls Club started the new season this week away at Washinborough A in the District League.

Washinborough A 59 (5) Sleaford 59 (7): Joan Gilbert, Gwen Campbell and Bas Gilbert lost 18-24, Cecelia Faulkner, Gillian Annison and Mick Faulkner won 21-17, Peter Annison, Julie Cope and Roy Markham won 20-18.

At Eagle in the City League Handicap Cup, Sleaford lost on all three rinks.

Eagle 68 Sleaford 57: Martin Titley, Kris Moore and Neil Mapletoft lost 21-22, John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Trevor Cope lost 20-22 and David Campbell, Peter Stokes and Andrew Bird lost 16-24.

The Sleaford League saw Town away to Leadenham.

Leadenham 70 (8) Sleaford 70 (4): Steve Morris, David Curt and Phil Musson lost 14-15, Joan Gilbert, Mick Jarrald and Bas Gilbert won 25-21, Cecelia Faulkner, Brian Srawley and Mick Faulkner lost 17-19, Calum Campbell, Clive Steadman and Larry Davies lost 14-15.

At home to Ruston Sports in the EBA League all three rinks won.

Sleaford 75 (10) Rustons 27 (0): Peter Annison, Calum Campbell, Richard Barnes and Andrew Bird won 24-11, Robin Wilson, David Campbell, Neil Mapletoft and Trevor Cope won 18-12, John Parker, Roger Neaverson, Kriss Moore and Anthony Caress won 33-4.