BOWLS: Sleaford club enjoy favourable results

Sleaford Town Bowls Club's final matches were played this week with favourable results.
Bowls news.Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Away at St Giles in the ASC Metals League, the town won on one rink and the match by one shot, 51-50, to take six points.

Results: Ruth Bird, David Curt and Andrew Bird won 22-14; Linda Morris, Pete Annison and Neil Mapletoft lost 18-19; Robin Wilson, Andrew Morris and Kris Moore lost 11-17.

Woodhall Spa League

Sleaford Town 49

Cranwell 47

Linda Morris, Ken Dye and Tom Bell won 22-8; Arthur Norris, Pete Annison and Larry Davies won 17-16; Gerald Woodhead, Gillian Annison and David Curt lost 10-23.

District League

Lee Road, Lincoln 70

Sleaford Town 85

Gerald Woodhead, Brian Srawley and Roy Markham won 27-15; Robin Wilson, Gillian Annison and Gwen Campbell won 26-12; Peter Annison, Julie Cope and Larry Davies lost 11-19; Ruth Bird, Calum Campbell and Andrew Bird lost 16-19.