BOWLS: Sleaford Town win more than they lose

It was a busy week for Sleaford Town bowlers with seven matches, winning four and losing three.
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EBA League

Sleaford Town 46

St Giles 49

John Parker, Roger Neaverson, Roy Markham and Derek Smith lost 15-16; Martin Titley, David Campbell, Richard Barnes and Andrew Bird lost 15-16; Kris Moore, Phil Musson, Paul Jobson and Trevor Cope lost 16-17.

ASC Metals League

Grantham 47

Sleaford Town 49

Linda Morris, Larry Davies and Kris Moore won 21-11; Steve Morris, Gwen Campbell and Trevor Cope won 14-13; Pete Annison, Brian Srawley and Neil Mapletoft lost 14-23.

City League

Collingham 83

Sleaford Town 88

Martin Titley, Peter Stokes and Trevor Cope won 25-16; Calum Campbell, Larry Davies and Kris Moore won 25-22; John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Neil Mapletoft won 22-21; Andrew Bird, Gerald Woodhead and David Campbell lost 16-24.

District League

Sleaford Town 90

Washingborough 85

Steve Morris, Joan Gilbert and Gwen Campbell won 22-21; Peter Annison, John Denney and Bas Gilbert won 36-9; Calum Campbell, Brian Srawley and Roy Markham lost 18-27; Gereald Woodhead, Ken Dye and Larry Davies lost 14-28.

Woodhall Spa League

Ruskington 48

Sleaford Town 61

Mick Jarrald, Larry Davies and Brian Srawley won 24-15; Pete Annison, Ken Dye and Tom Bell won 22-17; Robin Wilson, Ron Lupton and Bas Gilbert lost 15-16.

Hospital Cup


Dunholme 86

Sleaford Town 72

Ken Dye, Gillian Annison and Trevor Cope won 20-17; Calum Campbell, Joan Gilbert and Phil Musson won 22-13; Robin Wilson, David Curt and David Campbell lost 14-30; Peter Annison, Julie Cope and Bas Gilbert lost 16-26.

Sleaford Leauge

Helpringham 72

Sleaford Town 66

Lewis Jobson, Roger Neaverson and Roy Markham won 20-18; John Parker, Brian Srawley and Kris Moore lost 14-18; Mick Jarrald, Peter Stokes and Larry Davies lost 13-16; Gerald Woodhead, John Denney and Andrew Bird lost 19-22.

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