Boston ABC's Freddie Carman wins Midlands title

Boston ABC’s Freddie Carman has been crowned Midlands champion.

Freddie Carman.
Freddie Carman.
Freddie Carman.

On Saturday he travelled to Chesterfield to fight in the schoolboys’ championship regional finals at 50kg.

He was drawn against Robert Morten of the Epic Golden Gloves ABC.

Both boxers raced to the ring centre for control of the ring, with Carman forcing the Newark lad back to the ropes as he unleashed his two fisted combinations.

Once both boxers had settled Carman got into his groove, getting in to score and moving out of range before Morten could cancel him out.

The bout was fought at a good pace with both boxers demonstrating a high level of skill.

The bout was deservedly awarded to Carman in a points decision.

He couldn’t disguise his delight at being crowned the East Midlands Champion.

He will now go on to box the Merseyside and Cheshire champion on a date to be determined.