Kids pack a punch!

THREE Maltby youngsters showed off their fighting skills at Hillsborough Stadium last weekend.

The kids from Maltby Thai Boxing Club were in action at a fight show held in Sheffield Wednesday’s ‘premier suite’ at the football ground.

In front of a packed house, 10-year-old Ewan Hickling took on Newcastle’s Jordan Mordecai over five rounds, in what coach Phil Glover described as ‘non stop action’.

The former European kickboxing champion told the Guardian: “Ewan got his opponent in the clinch and worked knees to the body whenever he could, and this worked for him.”

Ewan was declared the winner by the judges with a unanimous decision.

His team-mate Owen Tomlinson, 11, fought another Newcastle youngster – John Lonsdale – and his aggression impressed the judges, taking another unanimous decision victory.

Debutant Jason Swift, a senior, was the final Maltby fighter to take to the ring, against Andy Goodrick from Sheffield’s famous Wicker Camp.

Glover described the action: “This was a great fight for the watching crowd as there were plenty of knees, punches and kicks with both fighters giving it their very best.”

“Unfortunately during the third round Jason suffered a blow which gave him double vision and although continuing to the end of the third after a close inspection by the doctor the fight was stopped in favour of the Sheffield lad.”

“Jason lost nothing in defeat as he gave 100 per cent.”

The Maltby chief instructor is proud of his club’s development and hopes to see his fighters back at Hillsborough again soon.

He added: “Our club is now getting a strong junior team together and the wins made up for their defeats on the Celtic Challenge last month.”

“Ewan and Owen made sure they won their fights and worked really hard. It was a shame how Jason’s fight ended but he was fine later and the doctors have to ensure the fighters’ safety.”

“The show was the first of a series of shows which will hopefully be promoted at the ground again, and attract an even bigger crowd next time.”

For information on training at Maltby Thai Boxing Club or private tuition contact Glover on 07999 702676.