Sleaford boxers make debut at charity fight night

Sleaford boxers stepped into the ring for a charity Peaky Blinders-themed boxing show in aid of Linc2Nepal.

Lea Addelsea had his first bout at the age of 42 EMN-180813-164417002
Lea Addelsea had his first bout at the age of 42 EMN-180813-164417002

The trio, who box out of Titch’s Fight Club, represented Total Sports and Supplements at the Lincoln Fight Factory.

Lea Addlesee (42) took on hometown opponent Gary Fenton, having never stepped in the ring before.

Both came out and battled for three rounds in what many hailed as the fight of the night, with an extremely close finish, but Gary marginally took the win.

Sleaford's Dean Barnshaw (centre) earned a draw on his boxing debut EMN-180813-164429002

Dean Barnshaw, also making his fight debut at the age of 49, faced an 18-year-old, and after another great battle, the judges gave a draw after three rounds.

Both coaches we agreed to another round to try and get a decision, but after an epic fourth round, the pair could still not be split and a draw was given. For his efforts, Barnshaw claimed the Fighter of the Night award, sponsored by Total Sports and Supplements.

Experienced kickboxer Taylor Sellars then took on his first boxing fight against one of Lincoln Fight Factory’s finest boxers, DJ, in a five-round affair.

The Lincoln boxer used the speed of his hands to get the better of Sellars in the first two rounds, but the Sleaford fighter then picked it up a gear, moving fantastically well for the next two rounds to leave his opponent punching the air.

Taylor Sellars took the final three rounds to win his bout EMN-180813-164440002

Sellars landed the shots to level the fight after four rounds, and after another close final round, used his experience to land more shots and take the win.

Coach David Marshall said: “Myself and the rest of the corner crew, Casey Jade Marshall, Steve Spencer and Rob Norton, could not have asked anymore and this is probably one of the proudest moments I have had in a 38-year fight career.”

* Reigning ISKA Midland kickboxing champion Phil Robbins was also in action in Sheffield on Sunday to fight hometown hero Ladislav Horvath for the WRSA Semi-Pro English K1 title.

After a tough five-round bare shin battle, Robbins bought the title belt back to Sleaford.