Unanimous decision for Boston ABC’s Watson

Boston Amateur Boxing Club travelled to Mansfield on Saturday evening with teenager Oscar Watson the sole representative.
Oscar Watson celebrates his victory in Mansfield.Oscar Watson celebrates his victory in Mansfield.
Oscar Watson celebrates his victory in Mansfield.

He was matched against local southpaw Ben Cheetham of the Empire ABC.

The bout began at a frantic pace with both boys shipping punches and having success in the early exchanges.

Once the smoke had transcended it became an easier bout to score, Watson being the aggressor and Cheetham fighting on the back foot.

Watson was able to land the better scoring shots and looked to have edged a close round.

Into round two, Watson had found his groove as he used his defensive and counter moves when under pressure to good effect.

This allowed him to come on strong as fatigue began to set in.

Midway through the round, Watson had his breakthrough with a couple of big shots making his mark and the referee intervening to administer a count.

The Boston lad finished the round strongly.

Into the last, both boys gave a spirited effort as they both delivered hurtful punches in each other’s direction, Watson digging deep and at the death of the round carved out another hard clean shot that the referee duly gave a count for.

The judges' results was in, a unanimous decision awarded to Watson, who couldn’t hide his delight at the verdict given.

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