Club director’s 40mph crash

Dinnington Racing Club’s Ian Davenport was unable to fulfil his duties as Tom Simpson Memorial race director on Sunday, after a 40mph crash left him in hospital.

Davenport was racing in the North Midlands Road Race at Stainton last Thursday, when riders in front of him touched wheels and a group of eight came down.

Speaking from hospital the Dinnington Racing Club chairman and father of three told the Guardian: “I’ve fractured my pelvis, broken my wrist and dislocated my shoulder.”

“About eight came down and I was the worst off.”

“I went down very, very fast, we were at 40mph when we crashed.”

The riders were heading down towards Stainton Quarry when the collision took place.

Davenport’s role at Harworth on Sunday was taken by Dave Marsh.

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