COLUMN: Mind-boggling ticket prices are holding fans to ransom

The issue of over-inflated ticket prices at football has once again reared its ugly head.

Inflating ticket prices could see empty seats at grounds become more commonplace.
Inflating ticket prices could see empty seats at grounds become more commonplace.

However, rather than being an issue solely for top flight clubs it is now becoming commonplace in the Football League.

Sheffield Wednesday are the latest side to significantly increase matchday prices.

The cost of watching football, and Championship football at that, at Hillsborough next season could set the average fan back as much as £52.

Just analyse that for a second.

£52 for an hour-and-a-half of entertainment - and I use the word ‘entertainment’ lightly.

Where else would you pay so much to be kept busy for 90 minutes?

Cinemas are expensive but you could take a family of four and still have plenty of change from £50.

To be fair to Wednesday, theirs isn’t the first case of what is quite frankly ludicrous pricing for second tier matches.

Last season Wigan Athletic fans boycotted a game at Leeds United due to prices being as much as £36 - which seems a snip compared to Wednesday’s new policy.

You have to wonder how long it will be before other clubs follow suit.

Even in non-league there are some questionable price policies.

Alfreton charged as much as £18 last season - on a par with European giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

It’s not just the price of a ticket to consider either.

What about the replica shirt, programmes, pies and drinks?

Before you know it, going to a match can easily rack up £100 - and that’s just for one day.

With Football League clubs now upping the prices on a consistent basis, it is hard to predict when will the spike will subside.

Clubs that charge these prices may try and justify their case with clever PR but it’s clear that many supporters are just being held to ransom.

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