CYCLING: Grocock rides solo to record quickest time

TRENT Valley Road Cycling Club round-up.TRENT Valley Road Cycling Club round-up.
TRENT Valley Road Cycling Club round-up.
A 2-up team time trial was the latest event in Gainsborough's Combined Club's evening racing series, where riders pair together as a team, using each other's strengths to produce a faster time.

The course used was the 10m ile Laughton, East Ferry, East Stockwith circuit and 45 riders had signed on by the start time.

Fastest ride on the night came from Steve Grocock (Lincsquad) whose partner Aiden Grocock suffered a mechanical problem while warming up and was unable to take part, leaving Steve to clock a very quick 22mins 35secs.

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Fastest of the teams were Trent Valley pairing Steve Walker and Michael Adlington in 23mins 14secs.

Full results: Steve Grocock (Lincsquad) 22-35, Steve Walker/Michael Adlington (TVRC) 23-14, Andy Lewin/Judd Parker (TVRC) 23-20, Paul Brownless/Andy Codd (TVRC) 23-32, Phil Burton/Matt Fieldson (Vvrc) 24-48, Rob Gregory (TVRC) 24-

49, Ross Williams/Cliff Williams (TVRC) 25-43, Stephen Cockerham/Mark Leeson (TVRC) 26-30, Jon Gale/Rob Noble (Vvrc) 26-52, Paul Bagshaw/Jamie Olivant (Vvrc) 27-06, Ian Ferraby/Chris Gale (Vvrc) 27-16, Ken Lovett/Ryan Lovett (Lincsquad) 27-27, Ruth Wilson (Lincsquad) 27-41, Ian Barley/Mechele Barley (Vvrc) 27-56, Pete Comerford/Darren Hepworth (Pcc) 27-58, Roy Watson (Vvrc)/Mark Forrest (Gacc) 28-05, Tony Keithley/Kevin Smart (Vvrc) 28-25, Victoria Witting/Steve Cowlbeck (Lincsquad) 29-17, Trevor Halstead (Gacc) 30-32, Jon Findley (Pcc) /Max Rackliff (Vvrc) 31-54, Andy Clarke/Arran Watson (Vvrc) 34-26, Tracy Lovett/Max Underwood Frost (Lincsquad) 36-43, Stu Richardson/Darren Dickinson (TVRC) 37-51, Carol Smart (Pcc) 41-25, Samantha Ritson (TVRC) dnf.

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