Facebook fishing

THIS week we start the column by announcing we have created a group on Facebook called the Worksop and District Anglers.

We are hoping this will provide a forum for all disciplines of our great sport to come together and share information, tactics and what is working at different venues.

This will also offer everyone the chance to have a general gossip and keep in touch.

This group will be open to all anglers within the North Notts, South Yorks and North Derbys area, whatever your capability be it absolute novice or seasoned campaigner, beach caster, match man, club angler, specimen hunter, fly caster, boat angler or simply someone who just fishes for the sheer pleasure of it.


SOME of the members of the Tuesday club held a knock-up last week on the main lake at Lakeside fisheries, Ranskill, where the ever popular Arthur Bird ran out the winner on peg 30 with 23lb 8oz.

Phil Lakin claimed the runners-up position on peg 26 with 23lb 1oz and Mick Burell was third netting 15lb 6oz and Mick Pogson in fourth with 13lb 9oz from peg 13.


STARTING at Lodge Farm, where Tuesday’s open on the signal pond was won by Garry Brooks who pole fished pellet from peg 7 for 40lb 13oz ahead of Mick Hall, who used the same method for 32lb 12oz from peg 11.

Wednesday saw the over 50s competition on the lily pond with the in-form Dave Evans waggler fishing corn on peg 72 for an impressive 65lb 8oz with Brian Chatterton a distant second on peg 50 weighing 27lb 11oz taken on waggler fished caster.

Thursday’s contest on the field pond saw some impressive catches of predominatly silverfish with pole fished caster being responsible for the top three weights, which included John Gunns winning 41lb 6oz on peg 12 ahead of Dave Chinn who landed 32lb 15oz to claim second spot on peg 8 and Brian Chatterton’s 27lb 14oz off peg 9.

Saturday’s event was competed on the long island where Alex Shepard employed the pellet feeder on peg 89 to put together a winning net of 36lb 11oz, just squeezing John Gunn into the runners-up position with 34lb 10oz taken on pole fished caster on peg 96.

Bleak over at the Riverside complex informs us that he shared first place with Pete Ware in last Tuesday’s match with them both weighing 11lb 4oz, Bleak bomb fishing meat from peg 43 and Pete pole fishing pellet on peg 14.

Wednesday saw Chris Lines triumph with the pellet feeder weighing 16lb 10oz with Bleak claiming victory in Friday’s contest with bomb fished meat from peg 43 weighing 16lb 2oz.

At Lakeside Wednesday’s open on the main lake saw Jamie Masson pole fish pellet from peg 37 for a winning mixed net of carp and silvers weighing 77lob 11oz.

In Saturday’s teams of four Andrew Morley pole fished pellet on peg 29a for a net of 29lb 9oz.

Sunday’s open was won by Steve Foster who bomb fished bread on peg 8 for 43lb 8oz.

Dave Wright claimed the runners-up position on peg 12 with 39lb 9oz.

DJ Angling were on the second strip pond where Craig Sutton put together a winning net of 47lb 9oz on peg 1 pole fishing maggot for a net of carp, goldfish and silvers.

Over at Sherwood, Sunday’s open on the Holmedale saw a very cold, windy, wet day but it didn’t bother Whitwell’s Andy Lakey who fished a small pellet feeder and pellet cast to the island at peg 39.

He had a carp on his first cast, landing 29 more throughout the match with his biggest being 6lb weighing in a total of 73lb 10oz.

Second placed Lee Parker fished the pole and pellet out at 13m on sheltered peg 18 landing nine carp to 10lb but losing 11 others.