Boss Paul Cox confident Boston United have got what it takes to turn around dire start to National League North campaign

Paul Cox has vowed to tough it out and remains confident Boston United can turn their season around.

Boston United boss Paul Cox is confident things will improve as he vows to battle on. (Picture: Oliver Atkin)
Boston United boss Paul Cox is confident things will improve as he vows to battle on. (Picture: Oliver Atkin)

United are seven without a win and are currently rock-bottom of the National League table.

But Cox believes he saw enough in the first-half of the 3-2 defeat at Darlington to keep the faith.

“I have been on bad runs before and I 'm sure we will come through it at some point,” he said.

“I have spoken about my experience before and it is what it is, nothing changes.


“If I thought for one minute that there wasn't a product here I would probably get a bit downbeat, but that's the best I’ve seen us in the first half today, against a very good side who don’t drop many points at home.

“We went in at half-time not just 1-0 up but in total control and more like I expected of us, and that with half a team in the stands injured.

“I’ve been through this before and will go through it again, it's not easy and there are sleepless nights but that’s part and parcel of the job.

“We are not giving ourselves the chance to get the three points, it's an uphill struggle all the time. The decision making is disappointing and has to improve to give us a chance.”


Cox also knows the Pilgrims’ hopes will greatly improve with the return of key players.

“We need to get players back,” he added. “When you look at pre-season and the players we should have had available, it's had an impact on us.

“We missed one the top players in the league today in Luke Shiels. Zak Mills, who should be a marquee signing, has been out with COVID and chest infections, I could go on - we are missing them.

“We were in control today and one moment of madness has taken away what could have been a really good day for us.


“It's back to the drawing board now. We have got to make sure we take the first half performance and stop the silly one percents where we make the wrong decision and we will start winning games.

“The next two games are big. I'm not one to panic. Anyone here will have seen us play good stuff and be in control of the game.

“The red card gave a good side who don't usually lose at home the chance to come at us and overload us.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​