Boss Shaw welcomes league shake-up... and Sleaford Town could be facing another derby

New league structure expected to be announced in coming days...
Town boss Jamie Shaw.Town boss Jamie Shaw.
Town boss Jamie Shaw.

Sleaford Town boss Jamie Shaw is in favour of the non-league reshuffle - and could be looking forward to an extra derby.

The Football Association are due to announce on Monday how teams will line-up next season following a major shake up of the National League System.

It is understood the United Counties League Premier will be split into North and South leagues.

While the Greens await confirmation of the new line-ups, it is believed the Lincolnshire clubs - also including Pinchbeck United, Boston Town, Holbeach United and Deeping Rangers - will be joined by Skegness Town, while the Leicestershire clubs will be among those moving into a separate division.

“It will have benefits as we’re keeping all the local derbies and I think we potentially gain traditional rivals like Skegness, although it hasn’t been confirmed how its being done,” Shaw said.

“In general I’m in favour of it. It’s a shame when you lose clubs you’re used to going to, but it’s always nice if you gain new clubs as well.

“We’ll miss the Leicester clubs but it’ll be nice to have some other teams back.”

The FA want to promote 110 clubs from steps five and six of the non-league system, also creating new divisions to enforce what they are calling a ‘pure pyramid’.

This will mean every league in each tier has the same amount of clubs, plus the equal number of promotion and relegation slots.

Skegness have been invited to apply for promotion to step five after finishing in the top three of the Northern Counties East League Division One after the last two seasons’ results were amalgamated using points per game.

And Shaw would welcome another derby.

He added: “There's always a chance there’s players on the other side you know or you’ve played against.

“It adds a little bit more interest and intrigue, rather than sometimes facing the Northampton sides who can have a turnover and you don’t know any of the opposition.

“It adds interest and you get bigger crowds as well.”