Showing their true colours! Adam with sons Dan and Joe.Showing their true colours! Adam with sons Dan and Joe.
Showing their true colours! Adam with sons Dan and Joe.

Boston United fan completes Pride Kit Challenge using Pilgrims shirts

Football fans asked to raise awareness of Pride Month by showing their true colours...

Boston United fan Adam Upsall completed the Pride Kit Challenge using selection of Pilgrims shirts.

To mark Pride Month, sports fans and memorabilia collectors were tasked with raising awareness and funds by sporting a different shirt every day - following the colours of the pride flag.

"Going to football is great, we meet friends, travel all over, have a shared passion and a sense of community," Adam said.

"We have been denied the opportunity of watching Boston and doing and feeling those things since the start of last year and its been rubbish. Unimaginably rubbish.

"But I know at some stage I'll be able to again. However for some, they will still be denied the opportunity, for fear of not being accepted by those who stand on the same terrace. Some fear verbal and physical abuse and sadly that fear is not unfounded. A society problem, not a football or Boston one, but one nonetheless.

"If I can be a visible ally, by doing something like the Pride Kit Challenge online, or at work by having a rainbow lanyard for my ID Badge or on the pitch wearing rainbow laces in my boots. Then it might reduce that fear, create a safer environment and bring another supporter to the cause."

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