How the FA pyramid restructure could affect the Lincs League

New line up a possibility...

The Lincs League may be affected by the FA restructure. Photo: Oliver Atkin

The Balcan Lighting Supplies Lincolnshire League may have a fresh line-up next season due to the Football Association’s restructuring of the non-league game.

More than 100 clubs from steps five and six of the National League System will be moved up to higher levels to create what the FA are labelling a ‘pure pyramid’ .

This means every division at each step will have the same number of teams as well as promotion and relegation spots, to account for the previous disparity which gave some teams a greater chance of promotion or avoiding the drop.

Plans, which have been given the green light by the FA Council, include creating a new division at step four and two further divisions at step five.

Gaps created at step six will be filled by clubs from step seven, which is the Lincs League’s level.

Chairman Julian Rinfret confirmed that two unnamed clubs have applied for promotion to step six and further clubs have applied to join the Lincs League.

“Will there be any promotions? Two clubs have applied to go up but any decision is down to the national FA to inform the clubs of the outcome,” Mr Rinfret said.

“That decision has nothing to do with the league.”

The Lincs League had 17 member clubs when the 2020-21 season was declared null and void.

“Where we want to take it next? We want to be able to solidify 18 teams and, if possible, get more teams into the league. But that requires a dispensation,” Mr Rinfret added. “But the whole aim of the Lincs league is to maintain its feeder league status and give clubs the opportunity, should they wish, to move on to the higher level.”

For those teams wanting promotion, priority will be given to clubs who have the required grounding grade and floodlights.

Clubs who met the required ground grading and will have floodlights installed by this September will be second in the queue.