"I'd rather draw a line and plan for next season!" Jamie Shaw wants to look forward after Sleaford Town's campaign curtailed

League restructuring and replacement competitions could still be possibility...
Greens boss Jamie Shaw.Greens boss Jamie Shaw.
Greens boss Jamie Shaw.

Sleaford Town boss Jamie Shaw hopes he can begin looking forward to next season after Sleaford Town's season was curtailed.

The decision didn't come as a shock to Shaw, yet there remains question marks surrounding league restructuring and replacement competitions.

"It's not unexpected, it would be fair to say, and probably necessary," Shaw said. "It's disappointing because, at the end of the day, football clubs want to play football.

"I think - with the likelihood of us not starting with fans and bars not open until at least April and probably May, looking at the small print of the roadmap - it was never going to be feasible.

"You've also got the issue that, if clubs play without spectators, you're still looking at March 29 before you can start playing in any format.

"We'd have had one game in four months at that point, which is considerably longer than an off season normally.

"Therefore you'd need a full pre-season. You're looking at not being back, realistically, with any care for the players, until the end of April.

"We've got 27 games, some teams have 30. It's not going to work and it's inevitable. We'll wait to see how it turns out and accept whatever decision is made."

The FA remain keen to complete their restructuring of the non-league pyramid and Shaw believes that could still take place before next season kicks off.

"I think no more league games will be played but they're not saying how the season is finished yet," the Greens boss added.

"They've clearly avoided using null and void and there is a desire from the FA to restructure the pyramid.

"To do that they need to move teams up and down accordingly and, I think, they're aware that's difficult with only a third of games being played in some leagues.

"I think they're looking for a way of deciding it on points per game but I wouldn't be totally surprised if it came back null and void."

There have been suggestions of a replacement competition being put in place for clubs between now and the end of May.

Shaw is against that idea but knows a hunger for action remains.

He added: "I'm not totally sure there won't be a proposal of a cup competition in April and May. I'm not as keen on that as I know some clubs are.

"I haven't had a chance to discuss that with the committee, but as a personal opinion, I think it's probably too long since we last played and it drags this season on a little bit.

"After the announcement there were a few players who were like 'yep, totally expected, I just want to get my head down and get ready for next season' and a few who said 'we could have friendlies'.

"I wouldn't have a full squad wanting to play in what are effectively glorified friendlies. I don't see the benefit but totally understand some clubs do and some players do.

"For me I'd rather draw a line and plan for next season and start work on the pitch so we can possibly come back earlier in pre-season."

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