It's 'BUFC' for JVT! Professor Jonathan Van Tam admits he wants to get Boston United tattoo

Nation's deputy chief medical officer wants to get inked...
Pilgrims fan Professor Jonathan Van Tam. Photo: Getty ImagesPilgrims fan Professor Jonathan Van Tam. Photo: Getty Images
Pilgrims fan Professor Jonathan Van Tam. Photo: Getty Images

Professor Jonathan Van Tam is considering getting a Boston United tattoo.

The nation's deputy chief medical officer - who has rose to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic with his straightforward explanations and football metaphors during appearances at Government briefings - made the admission while appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain this morning.

Bostonian Professor Van Tam - a proud Pilgrims fan who was once again displaying a United programme on his bookshelf during the TV appearance from his Lincolnshire home - was answering questions from the public when host Piers Morgan asked him if he'd ever considered getting inked.

"The subject does come up quite regularly in the Van Tam household," said Professor Van Tam, who has caught the eye wearing a United club tie at televised Government briefings.

"It's about when the moment is right and the pressure is off and I'm in a quiet phase of my career, I will have a little left deltoid 'BUFC' there for Boston United Football Club."

Professor Van Tam - who has told The Standard his favourite ever Boston goal was netted by Simon Weatherstone in a Lincolnshire derby against Lincoln City - was also asked about his JVT nickname.

"I don't mind it at all," added Professor Van Tam.

"In actual fact, behind the scenes everyone calls me JVT. It's what I'm known as and professionally and it's absolutely fine."

Despite his grandfather holding the role of Prime Minister of Vietnam in the 1950s, Professor Van Tam ruled out a move into politics.

He added: "I guess I reflect on my grandfather and I guess I think he must have given me something in terms of maybe my ability to operate in that interface between science, medicine and politics, which is a very difficult interface. But have I ever been tempted to go into the political arena? Absolutely not."