Lincolnshire O60s ready to entertain England this weekend

Action at Sleaford

Football news. Photo: Getty Images

Footballers from Lincolnshire' s over 60s squad are going international as they host an England line-up on Saturday.

The two teams will compete in a 90-minute 11-a-side match at Carre’s Grammar School, Sleaford.

Kick off will be at 11am.

Meanwhile, the over 50s are preparing to play England the following week, on November 28, at the same venue (KO noon).

“Rather than being deterred by the rigors and physicality of the running game over 50 vets football is growing almost as fast as the walking game,” said organiser Steve Morgon.

“There’s life in these old dogs yet.”

Anyone over 35 interested in vets football should call 07547 643345.