Maltby profile: Maltby Juniors U18 boss

THIS week’s Maltby sports profile focuses on Maltby Juniors Under 18s coach Paul Cox.

The lorry driver (pictured), who got into coaching thanks to his two sons playing the game, tells us about his nightmare season and his proudest moment as a coach.

His sons, Thomas (17) and Danny (14) both play for Maltby Juniors sides, with Thomas starring for his dad’s team after an operation earlier in the season.

Name: Paul Cox.

Age: 46.

From: Maltby.

Job: Lorry driver.

When did you get involved with the Juniors? With my two lads playing I went along to the soccer school for five-year-olds and got involved with the coaching from there.

How long ago was that? It was about 10 years ago now.

What are your Under 18s like as a group? They’re a good set of lads, they’re all under 17 so it’s their first year as Under 18s. Most of them have been with us some years.

How is the season going? We’re having a bit of a nightmare season to be honest. We signed a lad who was over age so the league docked us a load of points.

What has been your proudest moment as a coach? Reaching the County Cup final with the Under 16s.

We were in Division A and made the final, to play against Sheffield Wednesday up at Hallam FC’s ground. We lost, but it was a great achievement for a Maltby side to get to the final. We’d never done that before.

Why should someone join your club? It’s a good club, it’s run right, all the way through the club.

There’s a good committee behind it and it’s not like individual teams who have to self finance with the managers left on their own.