My gambles haven't paid off, now I must fix it! Boston United boss Murray pledges to turn around club's fortunes

Adam Murray says that not enough of his recruitment '˜gambles' have paid off, but the Boston United manager has vowed to turn things around.
Adam Murray.Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Speaking after Saturday’s 1-1 FA Cup draw with Haughmond, who sit three levels below the Pilgrims, Murray was in reflective mood.

“I have to hold my hands up, there’s things I’ve brought in, the gambles I’ve made in terms of my recruitment.

“It’s not been good enough and the we take ultimate responsibility for that.

“If I can change it around and get a few people in then I will. We can’t keep going the way we’re going.”

Murray is keen to evolve his squad and was pleased with performances from Jack Thomas and Liam Wakefield, who made their debuts in the cup clash, but added ‘there are a couple that need to go’.

“Results haven’t been good enough, for a number of reasons,” Murray continued.

“In football the black and white say it hasn’t been good enough because that’s the end line on a piece of paper.

“The bits and bobs in it, there have been a lot of reasons.

“We’ve got two options. We either change everything and the football club starts again, that’s the football club’s decision. Or we dig in and go again.”