Left - right Desai Williams look across at Ben Johnson of Canada #159 who holds his arm aloft in victory over Calvin Smith of the USA, Linford Christie of Great Britain and Carl Lewis of the USA at the finish of the Men's 100 Metres final race at the XXIV Summer Olympic Games on 24 September 1988 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. Ben Johnson will be disqualified after winning the gold for taking performance drugs. (Photo by Mike Powell/Allsport/Getty Images)

Nine sporting moments which shocked the world in pictures - including The Hand of God, Ben Johnson cheating his way to Olympic gold and the Ashes tour that divided two nations

Sport will always be mired in controversy, that’s probably one of the reasons why we love it so much.

From your team being hard done by, an athlete using sports to send out political messages or someone has just flat-out cheated, here are just 9 controversial moments that got the world talking.

See how many of these moments you can remember in this gallery.

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