Non-league records will stand and pyramid restructuring remains 'possible'

Goals, appearances and clean sheets will not be chalked off...
Goals, appearances and clean sheets will all stand.Goals, appearances and clean sheets will all stand.
Goals, appearances and clean sheets will all stand.

Non-league clubs can begin amending their history books after it was revealed that this season's goals, appearance and clan sheet records will stand.

The Football Association announced that action from steps three to six of the National League System was curtailed following a consultation with clubs.

However, instead of making action null and void - as was the case last season - it was decided that this year's matches would not be expunged.

This means that stats accrued by clubs including Boston Town, Sleaford Town, Melton Town, Holwell Sports, Skegness Town and Brigg Town will stand.

While the season will not resume, Anthony Hughes an FA Council and Alliance Committee representative and Southern League vice-chairman, has explained why the decision to curtail the leagues was made.

"The season is finished. We won't be re-starting it," he told the BBC's Non-League Show.

"The reason why curtailment was used was the feedback that came back from clubs, they thought null and void was negative and a lot of clubs wanted to use the stats that had been built up through games that had been played to keep in the history of the club.

"It was felt that null and void didn't allow that to happen.

"There was no hidden agenda, it's null and void in another word. The season is finished, it wont re-start, the results won't be used next season.

"It is purely a case of allowing stats to continue."

However, there remains a possibility that, despite the campaign concluding without promotions and relegations, the restructuring of the non-league pyramid could still go ahead.

This could mean some clubs from steps five to seven being moved upwards or sideways.

"It is on the table," Mr Hughes added.

"What's happened is that the appetite has come from lower down the pyramid, in as much as the leagues at steps five and six see a large bottle neck. Applications have been received to come into the Nation League System.

"The appetite was from the steps five and six leagues for a way for that structure to be found for next season.

"There has to be a suitable mechanism for that to work that satisfies everybody. What we don't want is a situation where clubs at other levels feel aggrieved that their situation hasn't been taken account of. If it leads to difficulties I don't think it will go ahead.

"But if a mechanism can be found for it to go ahead then I think it's possible.

"At the moment we've asked the FA whether they can produce a paper to show us what the pros and cons might be and how it might work, and to see if it is feasible.

"At the same time that includes consulting the clubs."