OPINION: Unsustainable ticket prices are an appalling way to treat loyal football fans

Owls fans at St Andrews,Birmingham....PICS STEVE ELLISOwls fans at St Andrews,Birmingham....PICS STEVE ELLIS
Owls fans at St Andrews,Birmingham....PICS STEVE ELLIS
In the Championship, clubs are spending on player wages alone 105 per cent of their total income, a ridiculously unsustainable amount.

Add to this the fact that one third of the clubs receive Premiership parachute payments (which are included in the total above) and you will see that the remainder of clubs may be spending an even greater proportion.

The response of many clubs is a ticket price hike, which may only have a marginal effect on club revenue, because hard up fans and others who feel taken for granted simply stop going to matches.

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This is not just in the short term either, those who stop are much less likely to return, and much less likely to bring their families to matches.

Are away fans being ripped off by ticket pricing?Some fans regard paying these high prices as a badge of honour, but those like myself - a pensioner on limited income - simply choose the cheapest matches to satisfy their thirst for the game.

The business plan is simple: the debts of any club which fails to reach the Prem simply rise and rise. So we see Pompey and Coventry amongst others who can fall into the abyss. How many others will follow?

Fleecing the fans is an appalling way to treat clubs’ customers and even worse, future generations of fans.

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