Patience is key! Murray tells Boston United fans that his long-term plan will be worth the wait

Adam Murray's vision for Boston United will take time to come to fruition, the manager says

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

The new boss has taken charge of just four National League North matches with the club.

And although they have recorded two wins and two draws so far, Murray is quick to ask for fans’ patience.

He said: “You can’t alter a whole team shape, a whole team strategy, a whole team philosophy and become fantastic at set pieces after a few hour-and-a-half sessions before the floodlights go out on a Tuesday or Thursday.

“This is a long-term project and the fans have to stay with us.”

Murray added that his side will also have to adapt to playing different ways throughout the campaign.

“We’re not playing the way I want to at the minute, and you have to play to the environment,” the manager continued.

“I’m learning very quickly that the places you go in this league are very widespread.

“You go to places like FC United and the pitch is like a carpet. I went to watch Stalybridge versus Boston and the pitch was a field.

“You have to play to the environment you’re in. It’s not an environment where you know consistently what you’re going to get, it’s very X, Y, Z.”

Murray added: “The league is very widespread with different playing styles, grounds and pitches and mentalities.”