QUADRANT LATEST: Boston United's new stadium to be completed by summer 2021, says chairman David Newton

Boston United chairman David Newton issued an update on the Pilgrims' new stadium last night...

An artist's impression of the new Boston United stadium.
An artist's impression of the new Boston United stadium.

Boston United chairman David Newton expects to have the club's new stadium completed by the end of the 2020-21 season, he said at last night's Fans' Forum.

The Pilgrims will move into their new home - to be named the Jakemans Community Stadium - in time to kick off the new league season in August, but with only two stands completed.

Here are the main stadium talking points from last night's forum...

David Newton and manager Craig Elliott on site.

How is construction work coming along?

"We're going to have the main stand, just over 2,000 seats, and the north stand complete for next season. The rest will be hopefully under construction.

"But, definitely, we will kick off next season with two stands, the pitch and most of the external works done.

"In terms of where we are on the stadium, we've got full steelwork up on the main stand, all the steelwork up on the north stand. The roof is virtually on now on the main stand.

A view of construction.

"We've managed over the last couple of weeks to get all the floors concreted despite the incessant rain. All the first floors are in on the main stand, all the concrete terracing in on both.

"We've got concrete stairs in on the west stand and we've got bricklayers on there now. The walls around it will start going up early next year.

"Then we start fitting out properly in February, on the inside. We are bang on programme despite the horrendous weather, with the guys working through the rain, working through until 3am lately."

What happens next?

"We're following on with the east stand and south stand, with the community sports facilities in it.

"The reason for that is that we've got all the funding identified, which is £11.6m.

"But the balance of £4.5m is coming off the Quadrant (the adjacent housing development, under construction by Newton's Chestnut Homes company) and we need to be certain that's coming across before we press the button and start employing people to do that work.

"That's dependent on the housing market.

"Until we've got absolute certainty we won't press the button on the rest of it. But we're pretty sure we can carry straight on with it.

"We should be in there, having the rest of the stands under construction, by August next year and done within six months.

"So certainly by the end of next season, we'd like to think everything is finished."

Will there be anything in place to remember the history of the club and the York Street stadium?

"In terms of the new ground, compared to this, it will be a soulless new ground, because that's what they are, if you know what I mean.

"We'll try to make it not a soulless new ground, we've given a lot of thought to what we'll do in the concourse areas as that's where fans congregate.

"We wants some memories from the past. We've spoken to the Malkinson family (owners of the current ground and former club owners) about it as they've got a fantastic collection of memorabilia and images we want to get in.

"We want the progression so we've got the history there and also the progression to the new ground. It can only be by bringing some of the history with us.

"We've got lots of things in the boardroom (photographs, rosettes, history records, trophies etc) that should be around the ground and not in one room that nobody sees.

"It'll be different but a good experience, that's what we're trying to create."

Stadium shorts:

* Speaking at last night's forum, Newton reiterated the stadium will be community interest owned to avoid any future asset stripping.

* It was revealed anyone donating to the Building Together campaign will receive acknowledgement by having their name mentioned on a board in the new stadium.

* Vice-chairman Neil Kempster confirmed work has started on a Travelodge next to the stadium.

* the stadium footprint was designed by Newton, with the elevation created by Ward McHugh Associates in Sheffield.