Musing Miller: season over?

ROTHERHAM boss Andy Scott needs to start preparing his team for next season, after his team drew twice in succession this week.

Out of a possible 15 points from their last five games the Millers have only picked up four, all from draws.

The season started off strongly but then became largely mediocre, with results unpredictable and the team unable to find any consistency to propel themselves up the league table.

With 12 games left the team and 36 points up for grabs do still have time to salvage the season but it is looking increasingly unlikely that they will do.

Currently they’re eight points away from the play-offs. It is a big ask to make up this difference when other teams are in a much richer form.

Rotherham are going to need at least 20 of the remaining points left to even have a chance of getting into the top seven.

The best thing for the manager and club bosses to do is to take the rest of the season as a building block and a time for learning about how to move forward.

Players should be assessed, tactics should be scrutinised and the whole set up should be looked at and prepared for next season.

It would not be an easy decision for the club to take, as there is still the chance of this season being successful.

If the team isn’t in League Two next year I will be very surprised.

But in reality if everyone knows what direction they should be heading in, for success next season, then it will be easier to reach this goal.

It is very unlikely that the club will turn its back on the current season and it will take the cliché of ‘one game at a time’ but there should be as much realism as possible applied to the situation.

Longer-term success and sustainability is more important than trying to get a quick promotion to please the fans and the chairman.