WISE OWL: The best chance to make Sheffield Wednesday a great club again

WITH just five weeks to go before the start of the season, I’m rapidly running out of patience with my beloved Sheffield Wednesday.

After Milan ‘the saviour’ Mandaric took over the helm at S6 most Wednesdayites thought that there would be signing after signing this summer.

He has millions in the bank and has promised to bring the good times back to Hillsborough so we were well within our rights to think that.

Sadly this has not been the case so far.

Apart from Rob Jones and David Prutton, Gary Megson has been thwarted in his attempts to add to his team for next season.

Mandaric has expressed his frustration at the club’s lack of business in the transfer market, echoing how many fans feel when he says that he wants to get things done straight away.

Maybe we have listen to Mandaric when he says that we have to face facts, these things take time.

There has been many players walking out of the Leppings Lane door.

Darren Potter, Paul Heffernan and just this week Tommy Spurr and Gary Teale - to name just a few - have all left the club.

Yet many have yet to walk the other way and sign contracts with the Owls.

Sure there have been some existing players that have signed new deals - Lewis Buxton, James O’Connor and Jermaine Johnson, but if we keep the majority of the same players we had last season can we really expect to do much better than a mid-table finish this season?

With the Neil Mellor talks seemingly going nowhere then without our 20-goal a season striker, dare I say it, the outcome could be worse than that.

How long can we be a League One club for? One season is enough, two is just about bearable but three is unthinkable.

We were once a great club, enjoying some huge fixtures in the Premiership, but that was over a decade ago.

There was the glimmer of success in 2005 when we secured promotion to the Championship, but there hasn’t been much to write home about since.

Our young fans can probably remember nothing but doom and gloom and relegation at the club, but will have heard many stories about how we were once a great club.

Now it’s time to show them what a fantastic club we can be.

It’s the best opportunity we have had in many, many years to make this club successful. We’ve got a chairman with more than enough money in the bank and a willingness to spend it on building a great squad and a manager who has blue and white blood running through his veins.

Hopefully Mandaric and Megson will succeed in their wheeling and dealing and get a few more names on the squad list before the season’s opener against Rochdale on 6th August.

Up the Owls,

Wise Owl