Skill and determination not enough for Gainsborough

Gainsborough Boys displayed great skill and determination in Saturday’s encounter with Leeds B, but couldn’t hold on to their first half lead.

The Yorkshire hosts took a 2-1 win, having put in a fine showing themselves.

Gainsborough made a lively start, Bradley Hill was quickly into his stride, and Robbie Bull was making himself available in attack.

The visitors’ back four had a secure look, Adam Orton’s sharp tackling stopping a Leed’s attack down the right.

On the other flank Archie Clayton was in impressive form.

Bradley Ronis started to hold the ball well in midfield and spray the ball around.

Gainsborough’s endeavour paid off when the Leed’s keeper panicked trying to clear his lines and as Scott Hutchinson closed in on him, his clearance cannoned in off the striker.

A slick six pass move from defence to attack by the Gainsborough side brought admiration from both sets of supporters but Leeds packed their defence and chances were few and far between.

Leeds bounced back, Evan Butcher was left one on one in front of goal but timed his tackle well.

Dominic Challiner’s safe keeping has been a key feature of the team this year, but he was powerless to do anything about two well taken gaols by Leeds in a five minute spell.

In the closing seconds an exciting run by Bradley Ronis almost brought the equaliser.

The Gainsborough boys rounded off a great day by acting as mascots for Trinity.

Team: Adam Orton, Bradley Ronis, Bradley Hill, Scott Hutchinson, Archie Clayton, Dominic Challiner, Tom Smith, Robbie Bull, Daniel Rawlings, Jay Taylor, Elliott Vasalo, Evan Butcher, Luke Crossley.

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