Stainfield feeling Trinity frustration

Nathan Stainfield admitted it was a frustrating afternoon for himself and Gainsborough Trinity in the 5-4 home defeat to Harrogate Town.

Stainfield, who was making his first start for Trinity, couldn’t excuse the home side’s defending, particularly in the second half when they conceded four goals.

“You can’t concede five goals,”said Stainfield. “You can’t concede more than one at home. If you score four goals you should be winning the game comfortably.

“It was really frustrating. You can feel the ebb and flow of the game. It was so open. Every time we went forward I thought we could score.

“But then every time they went forward it felt like they could have scored. It was really frustrating. It seemed to open up all round the park.

“I felt really comfortable at half time. I felt like we were in control of the game. I didn’t think they had a lot first half.

“We shouldn’t have conceded really. It wasn’t a good goal to concede. But we never looked in any danger. But in the second half they could have had 10.”

And on his personal performance added: “I felt rusty. I’m lacking minutes and I felt it in the last 10 minutes. I was struggling to get my legs up.

“I felt good in the first half but I did start to feel it to be perfectly honest, so I guess I felt similar to how the game went; hit and miss.”

Trinity had led 2-1 at the break but an onslaught from Harrogate saw them turn the game on its head in spectacular fashion.

Stainfield, however, backed the Blues to put this result behind them.

“We’ve got the talent. We’re very good going forward,” he said. “We’ve got to defend a lot better. Not just as a back five unit, but as a whole team. You attack as a team and defend as a team at this standard.

“We’re making individual errors, I think that’s clear to see, but we’re not defensively quite right as a team and as a unit.

“There’s a good set of lads. No-one’s pointing fingers. We know this will need a big effort but the positives are there.

“We’ve got a lot of positives going forwards and we can score goals. At the end of the day that’s actually the hardest part of the game.

“We’ve just got to really dig in now as a squad and just defend a hell of a lot better.”