Trinity must see out games, says defender Wilson

Matt Wilson of gainsborough trinity clearing the ballMatt Wilson of gainsborough trinity clearing the ball
Matt Wilson of gainsborough trinity clearing the ball
Gainsborough Trinity defender Matt Wilson believes his side can turn their fortunes around if they can learn to concentrate for the full 90 minutes and see out games.

Another late blow saw them lose a fourth straight National League North game 2-1 at home to FC United of Manchester on Saturday, both goals coming in the last six minutes.

That came on top of a late surrender at Alfreton Town in the FA Trophy and Wilson said: “It needs to be sorted out as we are close, but we need to get over that barrier, that hurdle, and get three points on board just for the lads’ morale more than anything.

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“I believe 100 per cent we can turn it around. In that game at Alfreton the other night they didn’t have any chances until extra time, but we gave away that free kick after 89 minutes.

“It was the same again today – last five minutes. But for long parts of that I can’t really remember many shots.

“We’ve not really been penetrated or bombarded with balls. We just felt fairly solid. I don’t know if complacency kicks in as you’re feeling that comfortable in the game you just switch off, I don’t know.

“We just need to dig in for that last five or 10 minutes of a game and see it out.”

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He added: “We’ve said it previously, we are fighting through games and we feel we’re defending well to the point where we are minimising pressure and minimising shots. The chances that do come are from afar.

“Losing by two last minute goals you look at the skies and ask the question when are we going to get three points? It’s something we need to rectify quickly.”

As a defender, he said the defeats hurt more than ever.

“I am sick and tired as a centre half of coming in and getting beat every week as a defender – you tend to get the blame. But ultimately it’s a team effort,” he said.

“For long parts of that game we defended really well, so it’s just gut-wrenching.”

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On United’s penalty kick, he said: “I’m stood side by side so I can’t see, but I’ve been given one earlier on in the season and I’m closer to the ball than Brad was and it smashed my hand from two yards.

“It looks as though the referees have got the impetus to say it’s a penalty this season as well as fouling in the box and grappling in the box.

“But things like that you can’t do anything about it. You can’t get out the way of a shot like that from four yards. Naturally you just can’t get your hands out the way quick enough.

“It’s unfortunate it’s happened, but it’s the second goal we need to focus on more than the first. You hold your hands up with a penalty - but goals like that?

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“He’s had a shot, it was a great save by George and then second phase, it’s dropped to the same lad again for another snapshot, no one has reacted to him, he’s got the shot away and we’ve come away with no points again. It is just demoralising.”

Naturally manager Dom Roma was furious with this latest defeat and let his players know.

“We can’t keep walking into that dressing room and saying we were unlucky there as it seems to be like an echo around this place,”admitted Wilson

“Four straight defeats in the league on the bounce is not good enough – I don’t accept that as a player and I know he won’t accept that as a manager. I have worked with him a long time and played with him as a player.”