Four wins for Sleaford club

It was four wins out of six for Sleaford Town Bowls Club in a busy week for members.
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Bowls news.

They lost 58-43 at St Giles in the City League. Derek Smith, Pete Annison, Roger Neaverson and Roy Markham won 18-17; Martin Titley, Phil Musson, Neil Mapletoft and Trevor Cope lost 16-14; David Curt, Larry Davies, Kriss Moore and Andrew Bird lost 25-11.

Sleaford won 57-42 at home to Grantham in the ASC Metals League, to claim nine points. Calum Campbell, Roger Neaverson, Gwen Campbell won 22-9. Linda Morris, Brian Srawley and Kriss Moore won 18-16; Steve Morris, Andrew Morris and Andrew Bird drew 17-all.

There was a nice 119-62 victory for Sleaford at home to Collingham. Trevor Cope, Neil Mapletoft and Phil Musson won 43-10; Kriss Moore, Larry Davies and Paul Jobson won 34-14; Pete Annison, David Campbell and Andrew Bird won 24-17; Richard Barnes, Martin Titley and Roger Neaverson lost 21-18.

There was a 99-90 victory for Sleaford at home to Dunholme in the District League Ken Dye, Julie Cope and Roy Markham won 24-18; Pete Annison, Gwen Campbell and Neil Mapletoft won 29-12; Jackie Wareham, David Curt and Brian Srawley lost 43-17; Larry Davies, with Gerald Woodhead and Ron Lupton, lost 26-20.

In the Wednesday Afternoon League Town beat Ruskington at home 63-31. Arthur Norris, Brian Srawley and Roy Markham won 26-12; Pete Annison, Ron Lupton and Tom Bell won 23-11; Ken Dye, Robin Wilson and Gillian Annison won 14-10.

Sleaford thrashed Cranwell at home 121-39. Ruth Bird, Steve Morris and Andrew Bird won 36-9; Gerald Woodhead, Calum Campbell and David Campbell won 25-12; Pete Annison, Brian Srawley and Larry Davies won 32-13; Lewis Jobson, Peter Stokes and David Curt won 28-5.