Give the local rivers a go, on a day ticket

As the stillwater results start to drop, why not give the local rivers a go?

Specimen angler Dan Ellis is never far from the big fish
Specimen angler Dan Ellis is never far from the big fish

We have some great stretches of the Trent to go at and many are available on day ticket.

The Dunham Bridge area continually fishes well for all species and this is an ideal time to catch the big’uns.

Dan Ellis is pictured with this week’s angling column, with yet another double figure Barbel.

These are not uncommon at this time of year as they feed up in preparation for the winter.

To target these you’ll need the right gear; heavy barbel rods and feeders around the 3oz mark.

Hair-rigged Halibut pellet or ‘fishy’ boilies often prove the best baits, fished to the first drop-off or held in the main current.

To get the best out of the tidal Trent, fish as the tide starts to come in.

As it turns, the water will be almost motionless and this is the best time to pile in your loose feed and fish over it.

With today’s modern rods and rigs, the temptation is to cast to the horizon, because we can.

However, bays, back-eddies or slack water can often hold surprises at each side of the tide so don’t neglect these areas.

On the match scene, ss expected, match weights have dropped as a consequence of the recent frosts.

But our commercials are obviously still getting a good turn-out.

This week’s top local rod was Worksop’s Andy Lakey, netting a commendable 71lb during Wednesday’s Fun League at Sherwood Forrest Fishery.

Colin Day made a good account of himself during Sunday’s Winter League Match at Lodge Farm.

He bagged over 65lb of carp to come out clear winner of the contest.

Veteran Roger Holmes showed the young’uns how to get on, landing Hallcroft’s biggest match weight of the week of over 65lb.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tue Open, Sherwood Lake: 1st D Round, Woodhouse Angling Centre, peg 10, 25-12-0.

Dave managed to make the most of a frosty start, fishing pole with caster to target Ide to 1lb to beat off the 14-strong field. 2nd J Holmes, peg 14, 17-10-0; 3rd M Burrell, Gateford Angling Centre, peg 18, 12-6-0.

Wed Autumn Fun League, Holmedale Lake: 1st A Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 39, 71-7-0.

Andy opted for fishing small pellet feeder with hook pellet cast to the island to come out on top once more with a commendable net of 31 Carp to 6lb. 2nd N Shipman, Subfish, peg 32, 68-9-0; 3rd P Hodgetts, Sherwood FF, peg 45, 43-7-0.

Sun Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st P Carline, Subfish, peg 42, 28-4-0.

Phil opted for pole pellet but had to fish through holes in the ice to catch 10 Carp to 5lb. 2nd L Plackett, Sherwood FF, peg 9, 28-0-0; 3rd N Shipman, peg 36, 18-12-0.

Lodge Farm Fisheries: Wed Over 50s, Lily Pond/Long Island: 1st J Booth, peg 89, 41-9-0; 2nd R Turner, peg 90, 32-11-0; 3rd M Pogson, peg 94, 30-12-0.

Thu Open, Field Pond: 1st R Edmund, peg 6, 66-10-0; 2nd G Jubb, peg 4, 54-4-0; 3rd N Escreet, peg 2, 32-11-0.

Sat Open, Field Pond: 1st D Richmond, peg 36, 71-6-0; 2nd C Wake, peg 1, 49-15-0; 3rd G Turner, peg 34, 48-14-0.

Sun Winter League, Top Pond: 1st C Day, peg 40, 65-15-0; 2nd M Shanks, peg 13, 37-9-0; 3rd M Foy, peg 32, 34-4-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Tue Open, Reed: 1st K Baxter, peg 14, 23-14-0; 2nd J Masson, Colmic/Marukyu, peg 31, 19-14-0; 3rd D Oldham, peg 37, 17-12-0.

Thu Veterans Open, Bridge/Croft: 1st R Holmes, peg B16, 56-13-0; 2nd L Hewison, Map Leegem, peg B41, 55-10-0; 3rd R Turner, peg B29, 54-3-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st J Barningham, peg 29, 30-2-0; 2nd D Oldham, peg 20, 19-1-0; 3rd A Oldham, Frenzee, peg 17, 18-2-0.

Sun Open, Croft/Reed: 1st A Berisford, Map leegem, peg C2, 53-4-0; 2nd S Spurr, peg R31, 49-4-0; 3rd S Robbins, peg C5, 33-8-0.

Sun Teams of 4 Silverfish League Moat/Bridge: 1st I Donaldson, peg B13, 18-10-0; 2nd G Mumby, peg B24, 16-12-0; 3rd B Poole, Bag Em, peg M26, 14-13-0.

If you have an angling story or a picture of you with your catch, email me at [email protected] or call me on 07815 308463.

Tight lines! Alan