New captains drive in at Kenwick Park Golf Club

By Eric Sharp

A crowd watches the captains drive in.
A crowd watches the captains drive in.
A crowd watches the captains drive in.

As autumn moves inexorably towards winter, so the golfing season draws to a close and it’s time for Kenwick Park Golf Club to say thank you and farewell to outgoing captains Paul Marsden and Rose Stevenson.

The customary tenure for a golf club captain is 12 months, however, due to the pandemic causing a foreshortening of the 2020 playing season Paul and Rose were delighted to accept an invitation to continue or a further year.

For almost three centuries golf clubs have flourished due to the enthusiasm of the membership, Paul and Rose have epitomising that traditional spirit of teamwork.

They have proved to be excellent ambassadors, most generous hosts and presided over some excellent golf events.

In addition and due to combined commitment their chosen charity The Alzheimer’s Society has benefited to the tune of £9,000.

Their final task was to present the vast array of eclectic trophies to the 2020 competition winners, primarily the four club champions Lewis Campbell, Birdie Dawson, Mick Upton and McKenzie Lewis, who won the Men’s, Women’s, Seniors’ and Juniors’ respectively.

On a bright and sunny November morning Kenwick’s new captains Paul Dewhurst and Pam Hayward prepared to undergo the ceremonial Captains Drive In, a tradition which dates back to 1863 when the then Prince of Wales was Captain Elect at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

Unfortunately, the Prince was unavailable to fulfil his duties so a certain John White Melville performed the ceremony in his behalf.

This little cameo is now re-enacted at golf clubs throughout the world.

Kenwick Park’s version includes a brief history of the Drive In delivered on the tee by the President, this year in the form of verse depicting the scene at the R&A 158 years ago.

Then came the moment for Paul and Pam to step up and, to use the correct terminology, play themselves into office.

That they did with considerable aplomb, we wish them a very happy and successful year.