Handicaps for golf girls

Kenwick Park GC members Ciara Ringland and Poppy Kinsey have both gained golfing handicaps and have gone on to play in their first Lincolnshire county competition.

Ciara Ringland and Poppy Kinsey

On their return to Kenwick Park, they played with Jean Sizer in the popular nine hole fish and chips competition and won it at their first attempt.

The men played a stableford competition and Howard Fytche won division one scoring 36 points ahead of the Men’s vice captain John Teanby (13) with 35.

Seniors Captain Roger Culpin (13) came third with 34.

James Ward (19), scored 37 points to win division two and Martin Tubb (22) came second with 36.

Daniel Blyth (23) took the third spot with 35.

An invitational Bank Holiday Am-Am saw James Lee returning to Kenwick to play with Julia Labbett, Men’s Captain Graham Sykes and wife Sue, winning the competition with 75 points.

Alan and Andrea Smaggasgale, Gerald Brook and Harry Wood were the runners-up with 74.

Ian Norton, Birdie Dawson, Charles and Jenny Baxter took the third spot with 72.

The ladies had a choice of either playing in an 18 or nine hole stableford.

The three winners of the silver, bronze and copper divisions respectively in the 18-hole competition were Elaine Houlton (16) with 32, Jane Briggs (22) with 29 and Wendy Beaumont (35) with 26.

Noreen Bradford scored 17 points to win the nine-hole stableford.

Pictured are Ciara Ringland and Poppy Kinsey.