Junior open event

NEIL Nicolson is organising another open match this weekend at Aston ponds for junior anglers.

Tomorrow’s (Saturday) match will be fished on the split pond.

For further details contact Neil on 01909 484652 or 07901 795209.

The entry fee to this match will be a reasonable £5.

All along the east coast the beach fishing season has started, with whiting and cod showing from all established marks.

As expected the most significant catches are being taken over the high water in the hours of darkness, but last week’s Warrior Open was won by a 6½lb cod taken from Hillston during daylight, showing that under the right conditions fish can be taken at any time.

Best bait is gully lug but yellowtails tipped with bluey seems to be particularly effective for the larger specimen whiting.

Keith Lamming of East Coast Tackle informs us that most fish are well above average size and there are the odd ‘monsters’ being taken.

If you are relatively new to this element of our sport we would recommend Hornsea North Beach or Ulrome as the most consistent marks.

As an alternative, especially if the weather is a bit more choppy, Bridlington’s fish quay wall or the north pier are both showing large catches of quality whiting.

If you need any more up to date information you can contact Roger on the above number.


STARTING at Lodge Farm, Tuesday’s open match on long island saw Brent Richards put together a winning net of 65lb 11oz on peg 84 pole pellet.

Jamie Wild was runner-up with 63lb 14oz off peg 95 on the pellet feeder.

The over 50s veterans competition on the lily pond last Wednesday was like a who’s who of local angling stars with the ever popular Mick Simpson claiming victory with a net of 50lb 3oz on pole fished meat or corn from peg 72.

Pete Scott in second weighed 32lb 10oz tempted on pole fished worm from peg 70 and Andy Hill made up the frame on peg 71 pole fishing pellet for 31lb 9oz.

Thursday’s event on the field pond saw Andy Hill going two places better winning with 90lb 13oz pole fishing pellet off peg 4, with Glen Turner settling for second fishing the same method aon peg 32 for 70lb 12oz.

Saturday’s open match was competed on the signal pond with Tony Copnell running away with victory on peg 9 with 58lb caught on pole and maggot.

Adrian Littler took second spot with 37lb 5oz off peg 30 and the in-form Glen Turner made up the frame on peg 17 with 33lb.

Bill informs us that tomorrow’s (Saturday) open takes place on the lily and long island pools with a 9am draw at the café and a £15 entry fee.

At Riverside Fishery Bleak informs us that Tuesday’s match saw Brian Crowther put a winning net together of 21lb 7oz from peg 24 on pole and pellet with John Itchens using the same method to triumph in Wednesdays event this time on peg 34 with 45lb 6oz.

Fridays competition was won by Mick Hall who landed 39lb 9oz off peg 10 ahead of Keith Noble, in second, from peg 24 both on pole and pellet.

Saturday saw the best match weight of the week falling to Mark Cardell who used the pellet feeder with a sweetcorn hook bait to land 62lb from peg 32.

Over at Sherwood Forest Fishery Wednesday’s open was held on the Holmedale Lake and although the weights were not massive there was a very tight competition.

Just topping the list with 49lb 10oz fishery regular John Darby fished the pole and meat out at 10m for 12 carp and 9lb.

One fish adrift in second place, Andy Lakey fished the pole and pellet at 7m for 20 small carp, 4lb.

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