Kuk Sool Won students to begin master degrees

Two 4th degree students from Boston have received their invitations from Kuk Sool Won Grandmaster Kuk Sa Nym to start testing for their master degrees.

Rysian Boyall is pictured with Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh.
Rysian Boyall is pictured with Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh.

To reach this stage the students have given almost 20 years of dedication to the Korean martial art.

Marian Meggat began taking part with her daughter in 1995.

Even though her daughter has stopped training due to family commitments, Marian’s granddaughter trains with her at the school.

Rysian Boyall started at the age of six.

Even when she moved away to university she still came back to train as often as possible.

She trains along side her brother who recently promoted to 4th degree.

The 5th degree testing can only be authorised and recommended by the Grandmaster, with the years of testing, the number of tests and final promotion all at the Grandmaster’s discretion.

Both can begin their testing in the summer.